Are you prepared for Riots,
Solar Storms, and Yes, the
"Next" Economic Crisis?

I don't have to tell you what you already know. Even once-quiet Britain is no longer immune to the rioting and civil disorder that is inevitable when things start to go wrong.

The same scenario here in the U.S.—where unemployment numbers are constantly climbing, along with growing frustration of our own government—seems so much more likely, doesn't it?

I'm afraid it may be only a matter of time...

That's why The Bob Livingston Letter™ makes it a priority to prepare our readers for the constant state of crisis that seems to have become the norm, and to provide valuable information to help them not only weather the storm, but come out on top!

And now more than ever, The Bob Livingston Letter™ is the surest gateway to information you won't find anywhere else!

Valuable information that can provide you and your family the extra edge needed to survive not only a political, economic or health crisis, but wave after wave of natural and man-made disaster.

Being prepared doesn't make you paranoid. No sir, it makes you a survivor!

As if the ever-rising debt ceiling, the lowering of the United States credit rating by the S&P and the immediate roller-coaster impact on Wall Street were not enough—now we are facing a coming decade of disruptive and dangerous solar storm activity set to peak less than two short years from now in 2013!

This Isn't Science
Fiction, Folks!

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), damaging solar activity over the next decade is a very real threat—including "extreme" solar emissions and extremely high radiation levels.

In 1859, solar eruptions charged the Earth's air with electricity that took out telegraph offices across the globe.

And as recently as 1989, 6 million people in Canada were left powerless when a solar storm took down a major power grid.

According to a report by the National Research Council, an eruption of comparable magnitude today could cause $1 trillion to $2 trillion in damage worldwide affecting GPS systems, airline communications, satellite communications...

And perhaps the most concerning to you and me, the power grid!

Is This the Collapse My Subscribers
Have Been Warned About?

It certainly seems that way. Everyday there is a new world crisis—natural or man-made—threatening to invade our own quiet, personal lives.

And don't forget about the underlying constants—dissatisfaction with our government, our elected officials, and their inability to handle our country's downward economic spiral...

...tinged with record unemployment and impending hyperinflation.

Now is definitely not the time to hide your head in the sand!

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Truthful, Raw Political, Economic,
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With the political turmoil and economic disaster you and I are facing, we have more than one scenario to prepare for.

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I Felt I Owed It to Others...

I began The Bob Livingston Letter™ more than 40 years ago.
I wanted the truth and knew I wouldn't find it unless I went
digging for it on my own.

After four heart attacks before the age of 40, and advice from doctors that made me sicker, I sought alternative cures... and I've outlived those very doctors.

I also sought out the truth about our fiat money system and have warned my readers about its likely collapse and how to prepare.
All of this I've shared in The Bob Livingston Letter™.
But I didn't stop there...

I amassed as much information as I could on how to survive just about any disaster... natural or man-made, financial or health related... and made it available to my readers.

I felt I owed it to others to share what I was learning—not
only the facts, secrets, lies and cover-ups—but also the solutions that could help my readers prepare for the best possible outcome
in any situation!

It became my mission to help my fellow man stay informed on
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Bob Livingston
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