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It’s the End of American Affluence…
But Not For You!

Dear Friend,

The most incredible thing about being editor of a newsletter that’s been in circulation since 1969 is the relationships you build.

My name is Bob Livingston and I'm the editor of The Bob Livingston Letter.

I’m proud to say there are subscribers who have been with me since my very first print issue hit their mailboxes way back in 1969.

A lot has changed since then, but the special relationship I have with my readers—both offline and on—has never wavered and remains my biggest inspiration.

Just as valuable—and not just to me—are the relationships I’ve built with the truth-seekers…

Those journalists, insiders and experts in various fields of focus—mainly health, politics and finance—who like me, won’t stop digging till we’re able to bring you the real story you won’t find in the mainstream media.

For that, some call me a consumer advocate. Some call me a curmudgeon. And a heck of a lot of folks—especially in Washington—call me a royal pain in the A$$.

But it’s a title I relish! Because it means since the day I first began shining a spotlight on their cult of corruption I’ve been a thorn in the side of…

  • Every money-grabbing, lying politician that ever walked the corridors of Washington D.C…
  • Every bureaucratic bigwig whose pockets where greased by Corporations looking to bank millions while risking your health or wellbeing…
  • And anyone who has a hand in the pot that allows grievous government over-reaches into your personal and private life!

Exposing these threats is exactly why I founded The Bob Livingston Letter.

Because the more you know, the more empowered you are to shrug off the shackles of a system that has been systematically destroying your liberties your entire life—a system that is now poised to commit…

The Greatest Government Money Grab
In Human History!

Insiders call it The Great American Confiscation and it signals…

  • The END of financial security...
  • The END of privacy...
  • The END of retirement security...
  • And the END of medical freedom.

It’s a cold hard fact: Your money is a “pot of gold” to the politicians in D.C. who are panicked over how to fix the economy—without losing their lavish lifestyles and cushy desk jobs.

Likes dogs at the foxhole, they know that right now there’s $21 trillion in cash sitting in private retirement accounts—including yours!

Does this sound like paranoid ranting? Just consider the timing of Obama’s big reveal about his MyRA plan...

Under the guise of helping American’s plan for retirement without the restriction of front loading an IRA—he’s actually making it easier for the government to nationalize your privately held accounts!


It’s already happening in Argentina, Hungary, Portugal—and parts of the European Union! This strategy was even sanctioned by the International Monetary Fund!

On October 9, 2013, the IMF released a report called “Taxing Times” that recommended immediate global wealth confiscation—especially American wealth held in 401(k)s, IRAs and investment accounts—to reduce global debt and stabilize global bond markets.

The greedy bureaucrats called for a huge “capital levy” on any citizens with positive net worth. Of course, they said, it would only affect the “wealthy.”

What they didn’t tell you is, by global standards, every American is considered “wealthy.”

Bottom line: Greedy governments consider anyone who’s had the foresight and thrift to actually save money as “piggy banks” just waiting to be cracked open.

If you wait till they’re at your door step to protect your finances—it will be too late.

The U.S government has perfected the art cyber espionage… your computer, your privacy and your accounts are already available to them.

Your money—and your liberties—will be gone before you know it.

But Washington’s most corrupt don’t call me a Royal Pain in the A$$ for nothing…

You see, I’ve put together a special report to help you throw a great big wrench in their plans—and I can’t wait to get it into your hands—FREE of charge! It’s called…

The Invisible Money Manual:
How to Sidestep the Coming Confiscation of America’s Personal Wealth

When you run up a national tab that hits $126 trillion, it’s a safe bet you’re going to be scrounging for cash in every nook and cranny of America.

Even when it belongs to private citizens!

This is almost unthinkable... but it’s already happened in Cyprus where the bankers and politicians dug a debt hole the size of the Grand Canyon — then ran to the European Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank for a bailout.

This troika of global wisdom had a “great” idea... confiscate the savings of people with more than $130,000 in the bank!


It’s called a “bail-in”—and now the United States wants a piece of the action...

In 2011, at the G20 Economic Summit in Cannes, the U.S., UK and EU all endorsed the Cyprus “bail-in” strategy as a viable option!

That’s why no matter what happens in Washington, you’ve got to make yourself financially and legally invisible to survive the Great American Confiscation with your money intact!

But most people don’t know how. Well, it’s my job to show you that “legal havens” can be profoundly easy and effective.

So when Uncle Sam comes knocking for your savings or retirement accounts…Your money is already gone, and he can’t do a thing about it!

There are LOTS of legal options that will give you leverage and privacy when it comes to your overall financial security—and you’ll find out all about them in your copy of The Invisible Money Manual, including:

  • How to safely and legally lock away your money where they couldn’t touch a penny if they tried!
  • How to bank in secret in the post 911 era!
  • How to cash out and keep your wealth under the radar!
  • How to bypass provisions of the Patriot Act and keep your bank from sharing your private banking information with the Treasury Department!
  • How to avoid throwing up IRS red flags!
  • How to manipulate your life insurance to protect your money from creditors, lawsuits and the IRS!
  • And much, much more!

What I reveal to you in this report is the LAST thing Washington wants you to know. It’s giving them NIGHTMARES to even think you might legally cut them OUT of your financial life.

That’s why you won’t find this information in any bookstore.


Every report we write is produced at Personal Liberty headquarters and is only available to subscribers of The Bob Livingston Letter—my extended family of sharp, savvy consumers who want to know the truth above all else!

This tight knit group of shrewd Americans—many that have been with me since I started publishing in 1969—have been quietly preparing for the Great American Confiscation by making The Bob Livingston Letter an integral part of their daily lives!

And when you join them and subscribe today, I’ll send you your very own copy of The Invisible Money Manual, plus three more valuable gifts absolutely FREE. And…

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During uncertain times, the level-headed, independent straight-talk, expert advice, and truthful commentary that you can only find in The Bob Livingston Lettercomes in mighty handy.

Each issue is chockfull of…

  • Insights for protecting your personal freedoms and liberties!
  • Recommendations for preserving and increasing your wealth, including advice on how to buy the “right kind” of gold without raising red flags!
  • The truth behind the scams our government and medical establishment try to force upon us!
  • The plain-talk behind today's financial headlines that Washington hopes you won't understand!
  • The truth about impending hyperinflation only a few experts will admit!
  • And so much more—vital to helping you survive!

But, if you find you are not getting information that will truly open your eyes to the government deceit you experience every day...

If you feel you are not receiving tips that can help you and your family prosper and experience good health and wealth in the days ahead...

If for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with The Bob Livingston Letter—at any time—you can cancel and receive a full refund. No questions asked!

Your FREE Gifts are Yours To Keep…

At The Bob Livingston Letter—FREE means FREE.

All the FREE reports I’ll send you when you subscribe today—including The Invisible Money Manual: How to Sidestep the Coming Confiscation of America’s Personal Wealth

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Even if you decide The Bob Livingston Letter is not for you. Why?

Because if you honestly think you get the truth from greedy politicians or corporate giants... then you might as well hand over all your money to Washington today. I can’t sit idly by and let that happen…

So when you subscribe today for only $69 you’ll not only receive TWO YEARS of The Bob Livingston Letter—that's 24 issues and savings of $49 off our regular subscription fee—you’ll get…

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  • FREE Gift #2 ($19.95 value): The Obamacare Antidote: How to Beat the System and Get the VIP Healthcare You Deserve.

Over 90 million people can no longer keep their health plan. If yours hasn’t already been canceled, it’s coming soon... along with less coverage, bigger deductibles, a hefty price increase—and fewer doctors!

Because it’s a matter of life and death, we created this urgent report to help you cut through Obamacare’s medical red tape—so you can access the medical care and doctors you need!

  • FREE Gift #3 ($19.95 value): Without a Trace: The Ultimate Guide to Digital Privacy in the Age of Big Brother.

Right now, there seems to be no limit on government spying! But the NSA and IRS are not your only concerns…

The clandestine PRISM program, according to The Washington Post, allows the NSA to access email, documents, audio, video, photographs and other personal information that unsuspecting citizens have entrusted to well-known companies including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube and Paltalk, among others.

My report helps you easily drop off the digital grid—so no one can infiltrate your privacy and put you at risk!

  • FREE Gift #4 ($19.95 value): The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Avoiding Genetically Modified Foods, Fruits and Vegetables.

Just like Frankenstein’s monster, GMOs are foods that are spliced together using genetic material from different species—including bacteria, viruses and animals—plus pesticides to create a “healthier,” more resistant crop.

Well, there’s no research to prove that these foods are safe — but there’s research that shows the pesticides engineered into them are now in your blood stream! And I don’t need research to tell me that’s not good for me or you!

I tell you exactly how to avoid this danger—for your family’s sake!

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Those savings are nothing to sneeze at. But I hope you see the far bigger value of subscribing to The Bob Livingston Letter.

Most of the information for these reports was assembled and organized from recent issues of my newsletter.

Just like it has been for my readers, each monthly issue of The Bob Livingston Letter is your golden key to an underground network of smart people who understand the crises to come—and are preparing to survive and even thrive in the years ahead.

My readers refuse to become helpless victims of the political elite—dependent upon their largesse and good will for survival.

They understand that the media, the Internet and 99 percent of all major news outlets have a hidden agenda that has little to do with their own prosperity.

As the world, and our economy, is crumbling, they consider The Bob Livingston Letter a quiet refuge where common sense and decency still rules. And I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

Please join us today!

Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston, Editor,
The Bob Livingston Letter

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