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Who Will Be President In 2016…
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Your Bank Accounts Will Soon Be
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Dear responsible, hard-working friend,

The most incredible thing about being editor of a newsletter that’s been in circulation since 1969 is the relationships you build.

My name is Bob Livingston and I'm the editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™.

I’m proud to say there are subscribers who have been with me since my very first print issue hit their mailboxes way back in 1969.

A lot has changed since then, but the special relationship I have with my readers—both offline and on—has never wavered and remains my biggest inspiration.

Just as valuable—and not just to me—are the relationships I’ve built with the truth-seekers…

Those journalists, insiders and experts in various fields of focus—mainly health, politics and finance—who like me, won’t stop digging till we’re able to bring you the real story you won’t find in the mainstream media.

For that, some call me a consumer advocate. Some call me a curmudgeon. And a heck of a lot of folks—especially in Washington—call me a royal pain in the A$$.

But it’s a title I relish! Because it means since the day I first began shining a spotlight on their cult of corruption I’ve been a thorn in the side of…

  • Every money-grabbing, lying politician that ever walked the corridors of Washington D.C…
  • Every bureaucratic bigwig whose pockets where greased by Corporations looking to bank millions while risking your health or wellbeing…
  • And anyone who has a hand in the pot that allows grievous government over-reaches into your personal and private life!

Exposing these threats is exactly why I founded The Bob Livingston Letter™.

Because the more you know, the more empowered you are to shrug off the shackles of a system that has been systematically destroying your liberties your entire life—a system that is now poised to…

Confiscate Your Bank Account!
The Two Most Dangerous Words for
Your Nest Egg in 2016…

In the months ahead, you’ll hear these words from EVERY presidential candidate, big or small.

These words were also uttered by Chairman Mao, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castrol, and Hugo Chavez. How’d THAT work out?

No, I’m not comparing our leaders to them, so don’t worry. But I am telling you that virtually every despot for thousands of years has used these words to grow VERY powerful, and then seize your money. In fact, the MORE money they take, the MORE powerful they become.

Can you guess what these words are? They signal the END of your retirement account. The END of financial independence. And the END of profiting from your hard work and passing it onto your family.

The two most dangerous words are INCOME EQUALITY!

It’s a movement really. And it’s fueled by power-hungry politicians that want to turn you into a permanent, dependent class of workers who need their blessing to stay healthy, buy a car, save a bit for retirement and maybe pass something along to your children.

These days, you can’t listen to a politician without hearing these words in the first 30 seconds.

Hillary is using “income inequality” to sell herself as a “champion for the little guy.” Hillary? A lady of the people? Oh please. And I’m not even going to get started on Bernie Sanders.

The Republicans are talking “income inequality” too. And they’re also going to “fix” it with some vague promises of economic growth, and jobs. But what do they mean by “fixing” income inequality? What do they really mean?

Our politicians want to play Robin Hood.

They want to steal from the “rich” and “give” to the “poor.” It’s the perfect scam. The politician looks like a hero. Anyone who objects is instantly branded “greedy” and “insensitive.”

And best of all, you do NOT have to solve the problem! Keeping the poor POOR... makes them dependent on the largesse of the politicians (now ruling as kings).

“That’s crazy. There’s no way that could ever happen in America.”

BLLThis is so wrong. It’s easy to think that our politicians would never get away with just taking your money. But it’s already happened in Europe!

And guess what? Obama’s on board…

This strategy was even sanctioned by the International Monetary Fund!

In October 2013, the IMF released a report that discussed strategies to help balance the budgets for countries deeply in debt (which is most of the countries on Earth).

Their solution? A bail-in… a one-time tax on the “wealthiest” residents to help pay off the national debt… but with a sinister twist...

Got a $100,000 nest egg? Congratulations, you are now considered a “wealthy” resident.

Right now, your nest egg is in serious peril, and it could vanish in the blink of an eye. Here’s how it would work…

  • 6:30 AM: The TV is on while you dress, eat breakfast, and prepare for the day...
  • 7:00 AM: At the top of the hour, the cable news station runs an ALERT about the new fiscal crisis facing America’s banks. Same old story, they didn’t learn their lesson in 2008, you think and head for the door…
  • 7:30 AM: On the way to work, you hear another ALERT and a “bank holiday” has been declared at YOUR bank. The dominoes begin to fall and the President addresses the nation and explains how a bail-in will work and “fix” the problem.

Then a few days later… poof your money is gone!

Then you get a notice from your bank: Per the agreement you already signed, and approved by Congress, you’ll pay a small “tax” on your “excess” savings over $100,000. This will help balance the books... and it’s a great way to help reduce income inequality too. How great is that?

There’s nothing you can do. Your money is gone. Oh sure, they’ll give you “shares” in the bank to replace your losses. Just what you need! Shares in a failing bank that are probably worthless. Lucky you.

Bottom line: If you’ve managed to save some money, any money, you’re “rich” and they’re coming after you. Greedy governments consider anyone who’s had the foresight and thrift to actually save money as “piggy banks” just waiting to be cracked open.

Now that you KNOW what’s really going on, it’s time to put YOU back in control of your money… Before it’s too late.

Washington’s most corrupt don’t call me a Royal Pain in the A$$ for nothing…

I’m delighted to say that, in anticipation of the coming Great American Confiscation, I have just put the finishing touches on one of the most important Special Reports we have ever created. And I can’t wait to get it into your hands—FREE of charge! It’s called…

Hands OFF My Money, Uncle Sam: How to Make Your Money INVISIBLE to Greedy
Politicians and Bankers

The Feds are trying to confine your money as much as possible. So they are limiting financial transactions, closing the borders so it’s tougher to get money overseas, and even intimidating anyone who simply wants to legally keep their money safe. For instance...

The Justice department has instructed your banker to “alert” them if you take more than $5,000 out of the bank. Even when it belongs to private citizens!

It’s true. Bank employees were asked to consider calling the cops on customers who show “suspicious activity” by withdrawing $5,000 dollars BLLor more.

Bottom line: The government wants your money to stay right where it is so they can grab it.

There’s also talk of banks STUFFING ATMs with 20 to 30% more cash.

Why would they do that? It’s a smart way to avoid bank riots in case of a sudden bank shutdown.

The GIANT SPY NETWORK that’s watching your every financial move.

It’s called FinCEN, a massive databank filled with information about tax returns, bank accounts, and even credit card purchases.

FinCEN can access ANYTHING and then sell your information to third parties. So much for privacy?

Is there anything you can do. Actually there is.

Quietly, in every corner of America, ordinary folks like you and I are starting to “wake up and smell the coffee” about financial privacy.

You can LEGALLY tell your banker to respect your privacy.

All you have to do is submit a written request to the bank, and you’ve taken the first step to taking your money out of the government’s cross-hairs! We’ll even give you the exact text of the letter, so your request is perfectly clear and perfectly legal.


Now I know that this seems impossible to do in our era of information overload. But that’s exactly what the government wants you to think. And it’s just not true. One of the biggest legal loopholes is that Uncle Sam is obsessed with tracking CASH and INCOME. But you can skirt the system… become invisible… and it’s perfectly legal.

In your FREE report, Hands OFF My Money, Uncle Sam, I’ll show you how to be smart and be INVISIBLE. You’ll discover…

  • The hands-down BEST place to buy gold — so the transaction stays as private as possible. And it’s not using one of those big online sources — even though they have good reputations.
  • How to get PERSONAL service when buying gold, so it’s the best deal for you, not the seller.
  • The ONLY three types of gold coins I recommend right now. They come in one ounce, one-half ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce — which make it easier to cash them in or exchange them in the future.
  • The #1 secret to negotiating the price you pay for your gold. We’ll tell you the typical markup to expect so you know if you’re dealing with an honest supplier.
  • The #1 secret to PRIVACY for your transactions. This simple trick, legally keeps your transaction off the radar.
  • The smartest place to store your gold so the government or bank can’t touch it.

And there’s still much more in your FREE copy of Hands OFF My Money, Uncle Sam.

Look, the way I see it there’s just no option anymore. The more invisible your assets are… the safer they are.

That’s why I hope you’ll send for your copy today—you won’t find this information in any bookstore.

BLLEvery report we write is produced at Personal Liberty headquarters and is only available to subscribers of The Bob Livingston Letter™—my extended family of sharp, savvy consumers who want to know the truth above all else!

This tight knit group of shrewd Americans—many that have been with me since I started publishing in 1969—have been quietly preparing for the Great American Confiscation by making The Bob Livingston Letter™ an integral part of their daily lives!

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My readers refuse to become helpless victims of the political elite—dependent upon their largesse and good will for survival.

They understand that the media, the Internet and 99 percent of all major news outlets have a hidden agenda that has little to do with their own prosperity.

As the world, and our economy, is crumbling, they consider The Bob Livingston Letter a quiet refuge where common sense and decency still rules. And I’m sure you’ll fit right in!

Please join us today!

Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston, Editor,
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